UP Review


SCORE: 9/10

Last year, Pixar drilled out Wall-e, a good but Incredibly overrated. Now, they have UP, which is quite possibly the best or second best of the year so far. It’s funny, sad, and adventerous. Action packed towards the end, I just loved this thing so much.  Great graphics, the only downside was at times it felt a tad bit slow, but it truly is wonderful. This kicks Terminator 4 out the window, Terminator 4  was  nothing compared  to this.

Pixar, you have again drilled out another classic, forget Wall-e, UP is possibly the best Pixar film ever made. Hey look, I’m not a huge Pixar film fan, but they almost always make great films. This might actually end up on my updated Best Picture Predictions post soon. I’m telling you, the minute this thing opened, I was captivated by it.  So who stood out?  Carl was probably my favorite, but I have one clue to who stole the show….”SQUIRREL!” Man this thig at times was truly funny, it’s clear that I loved this, you heard it here, Action bomb says “See it, NOW”. You know, up till now I thought Coraline was the best animated film of the year, as great as that was, it’s sad it’s going to be left in the dust at the Oscars, but Up should not only be in the running for Best animated, but Best Pic.


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