Terminator: Salvation Review


SCORE:  5/10

Terminator Salvation took a big downhill turn for me when we all found out that Christian Bale went crazy on the set because the Director Of Photography walked infront of the camera, messing up the scene. Then I got more excited, then the reviews came out…and they weren’t pretty.  This installment of  Terminator was PLENTY of non-stop edge of your seat thrills and action, and it’s a thrillride, but that’s just it. The character devolpment….there is none. It’s just stop and go action and I really wish they would have focused more on the story instead of jumping into what was some very awesome action. The graphics are awesome, and it does give the feel of a post-Judgement Day feeling.

Sam Worthington gives the best performance and steals the show, though Bale does a great job I thought. But there is so much action, at 1 hour and 54 minutes, it feels over two hours, but just.  I say see it if you just want a good action flick, but skip it if you want a  good devolpment of story and characters. Don’t take it for more than it is- a fun summer action popcorn flick that’s a thrillride.


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