UP Review


SCORE: 9/10

Last year, Pixar drilled out Wall-e, a good but Incredibly overrated. Now, they have UP, which is quite possibly the best or second best of the year so far. It’s funny, sad, and adventerous. Action packed towards the end, I just loved this thing so much.  Great graphics, the only downside was at times it felt a tad bit slow, but it truly is wonderful. This kicks Terminator 4 out the window, Terminator 4  was  nothing compared  to this.

Pixar, you have again drilled out another classic, forget Wall-e, UP is possibly the best Pixar film ever made. Hey look, I’m not a huge Pixar film fan, but they almost always make great films. This might actually end up on my updated Best Picture Predictions post soon. I’m telling you, the minute this thing opened, I was captivated by it.  So who stood out?  Carl was probably my favorite, but I have one clue to who stole the show….”SQUIRREL!” Man this thig at times was truly funny, it’s clear that I loved this, you heard it here, Action bomb says “See it, NOW”. You know, up till now I thought Coraline was the best animated film of the year, as great as that was, it’s sad it’s going to be left in the dust at the Oscars, but Up should not only be in the running for Best animated, but Best Pic.


Terminator: Salvation Review


SCORE:  5/10

Terminator Salvation took a big downhill turn for me when we all found out that Christian Bale went crazy on the set because the Director Of Photography walked infront of the camera, messing up the scene. Then I got more excited, then the reviews came out…and they weren’t pretty.  This installment of  Terminator was PLENTY of non-stop edge of your seat thrills and action, and it’s a thrillride, but that’s just it. The character devolpment….there is none. It’s just stop and go action and I really wish they would have focused more on the story instead of jumping into what was some very awesome action. The graphics are awesome, and it does give the feel of a post-Judgement Day feeling.

Sam Worthington gives the best performance and steals the show, though Bale does a great job I thought. But there is so much action, at 1 hour and 54 minutes, it feels over two hours, but just.  I say see it if you just want a good action flick, but skip it if you want a  good devolpment of story and characters. Don’t take it for more than it is- a fun summer action popcorn flick that’s a thrillride.

2009 Early Best Picture Predictions


I have never, not even once, seen a trailer THIS lovely. Well put together, sad story, emotional story, just seems really deep. But the trailer alone, dang I’ve never seen anything like it. I would love to see this atleast get nominated. The way the movie looks-it would be a crime not to nominate it.


At first, the trailer I thought was alright. But it is growing on me, and with Micheal Mann directing,  Johnny Depp as the lead, Christian Bale as the supporting(I think), this looks great, Crime drama story, just seems amazing. This, mark my words, should get a nomination, and would probably blow the competition out of the water.


What a trailer!!! Thrilling, edge of your seat, and from the same author as No Country For Old Men, my third favorite film ever!? Yes please! What a trailer that was, should be great.


Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley acting, Martin Scorsese directing,  all of these equals best pic nomination. With Dicaprio being quite possibly one of the best actors today, Scorsese, who is in my opinon the BEST director today, this would be horrible if it were not nominated.


A film about Amelia Earhart, if you’re American and don’t know who that is I’m seriously worried about you. This screams Best Pic nom.

You know, I find it funny, I know for a fact that 3 out of the 5 films predicted were books. So many good, great possibilities here. Here is my prediction:


FILM THAT WILL WIN: SHUTTER ISLAND (Slightly over Public enemies)

But, don’t be suprised if The Road gets a lot of buzz, and posibly nails it,  I won’t be.

Half way there, already  can’t wait. Thanks for reading.