Action Bomb’s Top 5 Favorite Movies


The greatest movie ever made, in popular opinion. Well, I think so too. It’s got a wonderful script, it’s powerful, smart, and without question the BEST ending to a movie EVER. (Spoiler, if you haven’t seen it) It was great how Morgan Freeman reunited with Tim robbins at the end, and it basically ends like that.  The greatest movie EVER. PERIOD.


It shocked the world, it is probably the most classical horror film of all time. (honor mention:  The Omen, The Exorcist, The Shining) Even though there is one death, it is very shocking, and smart, leaves you guessing the whole time, a great ending, one of the best movies ever. Why can’t modern horror be more like this?


It’s great, very great. Bloody, smart, edge of your seat, the killer: always one step ahead. Joel and Ethan Cohen really made a masterpiece here, I tried to find a mistake with it, and couldn’t find a thing wrong. Josh Brolin did a wonderful acting job. It deserved all it got, especially best picture.

4. APOLLO 13

Tom Hanks. Kevin Bacon.  With too many more great actors too mention in this, it can’t go wrong. Oh, and the fact that it was directed by Ron Howard,  a great director, made it all the more great. A thrilling film at times, it’s one of the greatest ever made, period.


Any film with Russel Crowe is going to be good. He, in my opinion, is the second best actor today, right behind Sean penn. This film had it all, great action, but probably the third best ending in movie history.


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