This is Action Bomb’s review of the new Hugh Jackman film “X Men Origins: Wolverine” and the newest installment in the X Men franchise.

Plot from IMDB: Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

That’s not the most accurate plot, but it’s close. Ever since the first trailer came out, most have said how aweosme they think this film will be, but I didn’t think so, it just didn’t wow me at all.


The action in the film is fantastic! The graphics are wonderful, and there’s a fight towards the end involving Deadpool and Wolverine that I really enjoyed. The bond between Wolverine and his brother, in the beginning, is great, even at the end. Some good dialogue, also stay after the credits, because a great line is delivered by Wolverine in a bar that most people will miss because they left too early. Like I said, great great action, and overall a good story to follow. There is an awesome scene, possibly my favorite, involving Wolverine jumping on top of a helicopter from a Hum-V (You saw it in the trailer). But it wasn’t just that, it was the chase in the forest leading up to that.


Here lies the problem. Wolverine took WAY too long to get going. Sure there’s a few decent war scenes and explosions and chases, but I’m talking about the big fight, and it took way too long to get there. (POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILER) I wasn’t at all thrileld with the “Secret Island” thing, I’ll leave it at that so I don’t spoil it too much. Something that happened in the ending I didn’t like, but I can’t say what it was. They almost, ALMOST wasted Gambit, but luckily he was put to good use, however he could’ve been in there a lot more. Some action scenes I thought were cheesy. Also, Kayla’s  (wolverine’s girlfriend) sister was VERY wasted (She’s the girl that can turn her skin to diamond) She was in there for like one scene, what a waste. Also, the whole thing with showing Wolverine and his brother in the war was cool, but didn’t need to be in there in my opinion. No one will agree with me on this, but the main villain, the general, I thought was somewhat wasted.

Overall, X Men Origins: Wolverine is NOT the trainwreck I expected, and I’m glad about that, but it isn’t great either, it’s somewhere in between good and alright. Great action, good story, (one cool moment at the end I forgot to mention). Even though a few characters wasted, and it took way to long for the big fight scene to come, I did end up liking X Men Origins. I’ll most likely give it a second chance to see if my thoughts on it change.

I give X Men Origins a 6 out of 10.

NOTE: I’m sure all of you know, this movie was leaked online before it’s release. Since the release hasn’t come yet, I felt the need to say that this review was NOT based of an illegal copy.


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