The Last House On The Left Review

So, was the remake of The Last House On the Left any good? Yes, yes it was.  (Possible spoilers, but only minor, you have been warned) I did enjoy it, didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s nothing epic. Basically, the main character Mari, played by Sara Paxton, goes to meet her friend in town, long story short, she and her friend get beat up (Beat up is an understatement) by  people, Mari is left to die, and the people who beat them up go to a house for shelter. Little do they know, the house is where Mari’s parents live, they find out, and they won’tlet the people leave until they get them back for what they did to Mari.

I will say this might be the most bloody film of 2009. Filled, FILLED with gore, a brutal rape scene, tons of acttion, intense scenes, including a scene where one character’s head explodes in a mircowave. Very bloody and intense, but nothing epic. I guess the reason I enjoyed it is because most horror films now are, well, horrible. Some of the bad stuff It takes time getting going, but not really a long time.

The Last House On The Left is great, filled with blood, guts, and voilence, I give this remake a 6 out of 1o.


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