Watchmen Review

Well guys, I just saw Watchmen a few hours ago, and what did I think? Well, it rocked and lived FAR above the hype, it was better than I thought, Snyder made one freaking awesome film. Now, the beginning credits are interesting, with the song “The Times they Are-A-Changin”, which I knew was going to open the film but the opening credits were odd, in a good way. Then, comes the Comedians death, and it’s a pretty voilent scene, bloody, awesome. The performances of the film was EXACTLY like I thought, Malin Ackerman didn’t do well, Matthew Good did better than i thought, passable, but not well. Who stole the show? Dang that’s hard, I mean that is really hard. Patrick Wilson did a wonderful job, such a great job, wow he was awesome. Billy (what’s his last name?) as Dr. Manhattan did really well, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorscach, Fantastic! Wonderful, mind blowing performance.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan, though not in the film much, was fantastic, he really embodies The Comdeian/Eddie Blake. Well, who did I like the most?as well as Jackie did, I think for me Jeffrey Dean Morgan stole the show.

The gore was full blown! Extremely gory, bloody, gritty, and voilent, Watchmen holds nothing back. There is tons of nudtiy in this too, and probably 18 F words or so, so not a kids film.  It was long, but I read the comic so I was expecting that, I think they could have cut out one minute or so, maybe more, because I was getting tired of sitting. Now, for my favorite scene of the novel, AND the movie, Manhattan on Mars, amazing. The graphics and visuals are SO amazing. There was more sex than in the novel, but about the same as 300 but maybe a little more.  Just amazing, but they also made the villian way too obvious like HALF WAY THROUGH! They could have gone with that a tad bit better, but it was awesome how it all turned out. Also, the action is great, it feels like more than is really there. By the Way, they didn’t overuse the slow-mo, in fact, it was underused, and used in all of the right places.

All in all, Watchmen is a great film, like the novel, it’s mind blowing, the visuals are amazing, acting incredible though some weaknesses, Watchmen is voilent, gritty, dirty, bloody, gory, action packed in some areas.

I give Watchmen a 9  out of 10


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