Watchmen: My anitcipation and Fears

OK, I’m sorry I haven’t wrote a post in 9 or 10 days…been VERY busy. But, Watchmen comes out this Friday and for the first time i read the novel, it was amazing, so how will it appear on the big screen? Well, to say I’m excited isn’t true, I’m more pumped than this then I was for The Dark Knight but how can one help it? the trailer is amazing, early reviews have been good and bad. Snyder has said that they stayed VERY true to the novel, but have they stayed too close? We will see, Rotten Tomatoes it had 64%, so that is a little scary. Yes, I have read the novel and it was a flash of genius, it really was. Snyder IS the perfect dude for directing this, I think he is the best director who has his films visuals his number one concern, except this, which was sticking to the novel. I go tommorow at 3:35, and cannot wait, I will have a review up, promise. Now, a few interesting things to get to, I have heard Malin Ackerman’s performance as Silk Spectre  II wasn’t good, and I won’t be suprised if it isn’t, I hope it’s good, but if it’s not it won’t come as a shock. ONe thing I have to say about the clips I have seen with Matthew Goode in them, well, I’m not impressed so far.

 . Now, for the four performances I am looking forward to the most: Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan, and Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl. Now, I heard Patrick steals the show, but I also heard Jackie does too, but if Jeffrey plays a great comedian, then for me he will steal the show, but as of now, I think, for me, Patrick Wilson will steal the show, then Jackie. One last thing to talk about, the people who have read the novel and who haven’t. As I stated before, I have read the graphic novel, so I won’t be lost, but one thing I worry about is the people who haven’t read it, they might be so lost, maybe not. To them, if they don’t like it, they will come out saying “What the?” but they don’t know what they are missing if they haven’t read it. I am hoping it’s great, One concern I have is about sticking too close to the novel, and Matthew Goode’s performance. I have faith in Snyder, he’s one of my favorites, next time you hear from me, I will have already seen Watchmen!


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