I Love You, Man Review

” I love You, Man” is basically is about Paul Rudd’s character going on a series of man dates in order to find a best man at his wedding. So, my expectations were high for this, did I love it? Yes, it is funny, flat out funny. Very very funny. Paul Rudd did great, Jason Segel did a great job too, I think for me though Jason completely stole the show. Let’s be honest, if a comedy makes you laugh, it’s done it’s job. This really did make me laugh. a solid script, just all around great. One thing tht dd sort of annoy me though is that I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would, though it is very funny in the right spots and makes up for it.  It really is great, maybe the best comedy of the year so far, it’s also a feel good comedy.

All in all,  “I Love You, Man” is flat out hilarous, Jason Segel steals the show, wasn’t as funny of a film that I thought, but it’s is so hilarous. I give “I Love You, Man” a 7.5 out of 10


Inglorious Basterds Script Review

For anyone wondering, yes I spelled “bastards” wrong, but it’s spelled like that in the script/film. OK, the last time we saw Tarantino, he was working with Robert Rodriguez on “Grindhouse” in 2007. So, now he has written and directed “Inglorious Basterds” which comes out in august I think. So, what did I think about the script? A masterpiece!! Smart, action packed in some areas, and amazing. Now I did say action packed, but it’s not really, but then again in some areas it is. Very graphic, bloody, tons of profanity, what more could you expect from a Tarantino film. I was amazed by the awesome dialogue, I think it’s obvious I flat out loved it.  It’s actually quite  comical and funny in some parts. They have French and German and some other languages actually spoken and subtitled in English. I am pretty sure there’s a part in the script where Tarantino says that partof the script will be filmed in black and white. Sounds interesting enough. But it’s long, I’m not complaining, I am glad it’s that long, at roughly a 2 hour and 40 something minute script, it is never boring, never a dull moment. From right off the bat it captivates you. Your kind of rooting for two sides here, actually there’s like 3 back stories, two of them you want to win, do they? Well, you’ll just have to wait to see. I can’t wait till it comes out. Easily one of the best scripts ever for me, the script is better than Watchmen, if the movie is as good as the script, it will be too. Amazing, just flat out a work of genius.

Overall, I give Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds script a PERFECT 10/10. I don’t think I have ever done that before.  Seriously, this might end up being the best film of 2009, if it follows the genius script.

I Plan to See Watchmen again.

As you all know, I saw “Watchmen” opening day and loved it. I do plan to see it again, in theaters or not. I hear the second time some people saw it they had a different opinion, well I’d love to see it again, and see if I love it or hate it. However, Watchmen had 55 M last weekend, and an early estimate this weekend of 17 M, pushing the film to a dissapointing 84 M domestic  gross, and about 110 overall, so I do not see it getting the whole 150 M dollar budget back. But yeah, just kind of an update that I do plan to see Snyder’s wonderful and epic “Watchmen” again, we will see if I come out with a different opinion…

The Last House On The Left Review

So, was the remake of The Last House On the Left any good? Yes, yes it was.  (Possible spoilers, but only minor, you have been warned) I did enjoy it, didn’t really know what to expect, but it’s nothing epic. Basically, the main character Mari, played by Sara Paxton, goes to meet her friend in town, long story short, she and her friend get beat up (Beat up is an understatement) by  people, Mari is left to die, and the people who beat them up go to a house for shelter. Little do they know, the house is where Mari’s parents live, they find out, and they won’tlet the people leave until they get them back for what they did to Mari.

I will say this might be the most bloody film of 2009. Filled, FILLED with gore, a brutal rape scene, tons of acttion, intense scenes, including a scene where one character’s head explodes in a mircowave. Very bloody and intense, but nothing epic. I guess the reason I enjoyed it is because most horror films now are, well, horrible. Some of the bad stuff It takes time getting going, but not really a long time.

The Last House On The Left is great, filled with blood, guts, and voilence, I give this remake a 6 out of 1o.

Watchmen Review

Well guys, I just saw Watchmen a few hours ago, and what did I think? Well, it rocked and lived FAR above the hype, it was better than I thought, Snyder made one freaking awesome film. Now, the beginning credits are interesting, with the song “The Times they Are-A-Changin”, which I knew was going to open the film but the opening credits were odd, in a good way. Then, comes the Comedians death, and it’s a pretty voilent scene, bloody, awesome. The performances of the film was EXACTLY like I thought, Malin Ackerman didn’t do well, Matthew Good did better than i thought, passable, but not well. Who stole the show? Dang that’s hard, I mean that is really hard. Patrick Wilson did a wonderful job, such a great job, wow he was awesome. Billy (what’s his last name?) as Dr. Manhattan did really well, Jackie Earle Haley as Rorscach, Fantastic! Wonderful, mind blowing performance.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan, though not in the film much, was fantastic, he really embodies The Comdeian/Eddie Blake. Well, who did I like the most?as well as Jackie did, I think for me Jeffrey Dean Morgan stole the show.

The gore was full blown! Extremely gory, bloody, gritty, and voilent, Watchmen holds nothing back. There is tons of nudtiy in this too, and probably 18 F words or so, so not a kids film.  It was long, but I read the comic so I was expecting that, I think they could have cut out one minute or so, maybe more, because I was getting tired of sitting. Now, for my favorite scene of the novel, AND the movie, Manhattan on Mars, amazing. The graphics and visuals are SO amazing. There was more sex than in the novel, but about the same as 300 but maybe a little more.  Just amazing, but they also made the villian way too obvious like HALF WAY THROUGH! They could have gone with that a tad bit better, but it was awesome how it all turned out. Also, the action is great, it feels like more than is really there. By the Way, they didn’t overuse the slow-mo, in fact, it was underused, and used in all of the right places.

All in all, Watchmen is a great film, like the novel, it’s mind blowing, the visuals are amazing, acting incredible though some weaknesses, Watchmen is voilent, gritty, dirty, bloody, gory, action packed in some areas.

I give Watchmen a 9  out of 10

Watchmen: My anitcipation and Fears

OK, I’m sorry I haven’t wrote a post in 9 or 10 days…been VERY busy. But, Watchmen comes out this Friday and for the first time i read the novel, it was amazing, so how will it appear on the big screen? Well, to say I’m excited isn’t true, I’m more pumped than this then I was for The Dark Knight but how can one help it? the trailer is amazing, early reviews have been good and bad. Snyder has said that they stayed VERY true to the novel, but have they stayed too close? We will see, Rotten Tomatoes it had 64%, so that is a little scary. Yes, I have read the novel and it was a flash of genius, it really was. Snyder IS the perfect dude for directing this, I think he is the best director who has his films visuals his number one concern, except this, which was sticking to the novel. I go tommorow at 3:35, and cannot wait, I will have a review up, promise. Now, a few interesting things to get to, I have heard Malin Ackerman’s performance as Silk Spectre  II wasn’t good, and I won’t be suprised if it isn’t, I hope it’s good, but if it’s not it won’t come as a shock. ONe thing I have to say about the clips I have seen with Matthew Goode in them, well, I’m not impressed so far.

 . Now, for the four performances I am looking forward to the most: Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian, Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan, and Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl. Now, I heard Patrick steals the show, but I also heard Jackie does too, but if Jeffrey plays a great comedian, then for me he will steal the show, but as of now, I think, for me, Patrick Wilson will steal the show, then Jackie. One last thing to talk about, the people who have read the novel and who haven’t. As I stated before, I have read the graphic novel, so I won’t be lost, but one thing I worry about is the people who haven’t read it, they might be so lost, maybe not. To them, if they don’t like it, they will come out saying “What the?” but they don’t know what they are missing if they haven’t read it. I am hoping it’s great, One concern I have is about sticking too close to the novel, and Matthew Goode’s performance. I have faith in Snyder, he’s one of my favorites, next time you hear from me, I will have already seen Watchmen!