Slumdog Millionaire wins best picture, just like I thought.  I was voting for Sean Penn, and yes! He won, rightfully so too. Slumdog stole nearly every nomination, I am so happy for everyone involved, Milk was great, but I was pulling for Slumdog, it’s 2008’s cinderalla story. The film was supposed to go to DVD, but didn’t. It was supposed to go to the ‘slums’ but ended up winning it all, ironic, because the film is about that. What a show! Hugh Jackman did awesome, it was all entertaining leading up to the big moment. Congrats to Danny Boyle, for best director. Hey, I didn’t vote for Kate Winslet, but I could not be happier for her. She finally got an Oscar, great job (even though I didn’t like “The Reader”) still, I’m so glad.It was  Slumdog Vs. Milk, it seemed. I am pretty sure Milk came in second. Milk won some great awards to, such as “Best Screenplay”, I mean wow, this is such an awesome film. It was a great night, and oh! How could I forget that Heath won! He got a standing ovation and everything, I am so happy. The night could not have gone better, pretty much everything I voted for won! But I was pretty sure that Slumdog was going to win, such a dream come true for them. Wow, what an awesome night. Thanks for reading our Oscar coverage guys.


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