Why Sean Penn Will Win Best Actor At The Oscars

It’s finally that time, people say the best supporting actress battle is the toughest this year, but besides best picture, I don’t know how you could say “Rourke vs. Penn” isn’t the hardest. To be fair to Mickey rourke, I have not seen The Wrestler but I have heard his preformance is amazing. However, Sean Penn did such an AMAZING job as San Fransico’s first gay official “Harvey Milk”. I just know he will win, but not by much. Why? Hello! Gay rights? Hollywood? You see the connection there? It was a moving peice of film that I don’t understand how anyone didn’t like it. One of the best, if not the best,  film(s) of the year. I have been ranting on how amazing the movie is, and how awesome Sean Penn was, obviously he is my vote hands down.  “MILK” is a milestone of a movie, and I’m glad it was made. Nobody else could resemble such an important figure, than Sean Penn himself.  I will be cheering so much when I see him win, yes, I’m that sure of it. Tommorow (on a little side note), I will have another pre-oscar video. I will talk more about this. No other soul deserves this award than Sean Penn himself. Milk-great movie, great acting. Trust me, after muchthought, I just really am sure of this.


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