Friday The 13th Review

 The plot to this is pretty simple, and if you have ever seen a slasher film, that’s the plot. Pretty darn simple.

So, the new installment of Jason, what did I think? It was awesome. I’m glad it was too. It’s fun, gory and pretty much everything you could want from Jason. He kills, kills some more, then kills again. I could see sequels to this, I really could. But, is it better than My Bloody Valentine 3D? Well, they are about equal, however, yes this is better. They had interesting traps in this installment, a good ending too that (possible spoiler) screams sequel. Now, I did have one little problem. They always make the victims dumb! Please, just one smart victim. Well, there was one. Anyway, it was great, and 50 million opening weekend is great for this. Easily this will get well over 100 million, and it might be on top next week. Pretty interesting film here, I enjoyed it, right off the bat. This thing starts off running from the beginning and never really slows down all that much.

All in all, Friday The 13th is so far the best horror movie of the year, My Bloody Valentine 3D following closely behind. Friday The 13th gets a 8.5 out of 1o


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