Push Review: “Push” Doesn’t Budge

 Push is about people with powers, of course what I just told you is very basic, and the rest  really is way into detail to tell.

 So, what did I think about “Push”? Well…..nope, not good. 3/4 of the film I didn’t even like. Of course, the powers are awesome, the graphics are alright at best, but like I said, the powers are awesome. That’s the problem! I think they relied way too much on the powers and the graphics to win over the audience. Some of the stuff is really cool though, like controling guns with your mind, seeing into the future, that kind of stuff. It is action packed….but here’s what happened. 75% of the film, well, sucked. Ok, maybe not sucked, but wasn’t to good. Then, the thing that saves Push from a 1 on the 1-10 grading scale is this: The climax was good. Really good. That’s what got my attention. But, still there was messy things everyone, Too many characters to remember! I think the script was messy, and the ending, I guess leaves you hanging. Spoiler alert, but not really. There will most likely be a seqeul, based on the ending. Graphics were good though, but in the end, Push doesn’t budge.

“Push” was Ok at best, messy, and relies too much on the graphics. Overall, I give Push a solid 3.5 out of 10


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