Coraline Review

Thanks for checking out Action Bomb’s review of “Coraline”.

Basically, Coraline is about a girl named Coraline Jones, and she finds a door in her house leading to another world. Basically everyone in the real world is in this other world, but they are dolls with black buttons for eyes.

 I didn’t think Coraline would be to good at first, but boy I was wrong! It’s amazing. It’s so good, it might be the best movie of 2009 so far. If not the best, one of the best. It’s visuals are stunning. It is worth an Oscar, like the commercial says. This is such an early call, but it might end up being the best animated film of the year, if Pixar’s “Up”, and “Monster’s Vs. Aliens” turn out to be busts. The colors, oh man! The colorful world they made was awesome, the songs were so wonderful. This is such an amazing film that shocked me, it’s smart, funny sometimes, and imaginative.  It is dark though, so kids, young kids, might get scared. I’m suprised they allowed some of that stuff in there, but they managed too. Picking the thing that I didn’t like about Coraline is so hard, but….I think it was slow getting to where it needed to go in the beginning. I guess I didn’t care for some things towards the end, and some things seemed confusing. But it’s awesome, and I think it will be nominated for some kind of Oscar next year. Go see Coraline! It’s better than Wall-e (Which I think is good but overrated). Coraline is an amazing movie.

All in all, I thought Coraline is wonderful and great. Sure, it took a bit too long getting to where it needed to go, some things were confusing, and a thing I can’t put my finger on that I didn’t like towards the end, but it’s wonderful.

Overall, I give Coraline a 8.9 out of 10.



  1. Nice review,but this one seems a little like James And The Giant Peach.

  2. It is like James And The Giant Peach, in a dark way

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