Will The Obama Presidency Have Any Effect On Movies?

Think about it…this historic election. It HAS to have some affect on film right? Someone is so likely to be writing or making a film titled “Obama” or something like that. I’m pretty sure a documentary was already made, but a big film, I am willing to bet that it is going to happen. The first black president in the history of the U.S.A, oh man! It’s just waiting to happen. If a film like this does happen, well, let’s just say I’m also willing to bet it would make big BIG BIG bucks. Anything big or inspirational around the world is just a sign for a flimmaker to do something amazing. I won’t be shocked if someone is making a film like this.



  1. I keep hearing on television how Will Smith should play Obama if they make a movie about him… which they will.

    At least the role of Obama is more likely to go to a black actor than a rapper. This is good news for formally trained black actors who have trouble getting roles nowadays.

  2. Hmm…Will Smith as Obama? I can see that. Yeah I’d almost bet 100 dollars that this film will be made.

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