Slumdog Millionaire wins best picture, just like I thought.  I was voting for Sean Penn, and yes! He won, rightfully so too. Slumdog stole nearly every nomination, I am so happy for everyone involved, Milk was great, but I was pulling for Slumdog, it’s 2008’s cinderalla story. The film was supposed to go to DVD, but didn’t. It was supposed to go to the ‘slums’ but ended up winning it all, ironic, because the film is about that. What a show! Hugh Jackman did awesome, it was all entertaining leading up to the big moment. Congrats to Danny Boyle, for best director. Hey, I didn’t vote for Kate Winslet, but I could not be happier for her. She finally got an Oscar, great job (even though I didn’t like “The Reader”) still, I’m so glad.It was  Slumdog Vs. Milk, it seemed. I am pretty sure Milk came in second. Milk won some great awards to, such as “Best Screenplay”, I mean wow, this is such an awesome film. It was a great night, and oh! How could I forget that Heath won! He got a standing ovation and everything, I am so happy. The night could not have gone better, pretty much everything I voted for won! But I was pretty sure that Slumdog was going to win, such a dream come true for them. Wow, what an awesome night. Thanks for reading our Oscar coverage guys.


Action Bomb Live Is Tommorow

Alright guys, well I have great news. A little pre-Oscar version of Action Bomb Live will be tomorrow, as I cover SEVEN VITAL TOPICS.

1. The Dark Knight FINALLY passes a billion dollars!!

2. Watchmen early reviews are here-Why the critic  reviews are mixed -and why that’s a good sign.

3. Watchmen 10 clips online

4. Why Heath Ledger will win hands down

5. Madea Goes To Jail is number one at the box office with…41 Million?!?!?!

6. Why Sean Penn has Best Actor Locked Up

7. All Oscar Coverage. Don’t miss at the very end of the show where I will announce what will win best picture (Not what I want for best picture)

Make sure you tune in. Enjoy the biggest movie night of the year, all the pre-awards stuff starts at 6 PM I believe, and the big show starts at 8 PM on ABC

Why Sean Penn Will Win Best Actor At The Oscars

It’s finally that time, people say the best supporting actress battle is the toughest this year, but besides best picture, I don’t know how you could say “Rourke vs. Penn” isn’t the hardest. To be fair to Mickey rourke, I have not seen The Wrestler but I have heard his preformance is amazing. However, Sean Penn did such an AMAZING job as San Fransico’s first gay official “Harvey Milk”. I just know he will win, but not by much. Why? Hello! Gay rights? Hollywood? You see the connection there? It was a moving peice of film that I don’t understand how anyone didn’t like it. One of the best, if not the best,  film(s) of the year. I have been ranting on how amazing the movie is, and how awesome Sean Penn was, obviously he is my vote hands down.  “MILK” is a milestone of a movie, and I’m glad it was made. Nobody else could resemble such an important figure, than Sean Penn himself.  I will be cheering so much when I see him win, yes, I’m that sure of it. Tommorow (on a little side note), I will have another pre-oscar video. I will talk more about this. No other soul deserves this award than Sean Penn himself. Milk-great movie, great acting. Trust me, after muchthought, I just really am sure of this.

Observe And Report Trailer Online

This is the newest Seth Rogen comedy, also with Anna Faris ( The House Bunny). It really does look pretty funny in some parts, but serious in other parts. Seth Rogen, in the trailer, seems serious in some parts, showing he might be able to do more than comedy. So, maybe he would do a good job playing THE GREEN HORNET(an upcoming superhero film) but Rogen has never gone out of the comedy zone. He, in my opinion, is the king of comedy right now. So, he really might be able to do more than I thought he could. But yes, the trailer looks funny, and serious, overall looks to be a good film

Watchmen Movie Clip Online

The above link is to the Watchmen clip “Rooftop Rescue”, it features Silk Spectre and Nite Owl (I think that’s how you spell his name, I don’t think it’s spelled like “Night”) trying to save people from a burning building. The above picture is in the clip too, that part is anyway. OK, you guys know my hype for Watchmen is through the roof, but this clip, just made the expectation even HIGHER! That was such an awesome clip, I don’t even know where to begin. Hmm…a 1 minute and something second clip, and a two minute trailer, and I am already impressed. But, I know not to get too too excited for this, because when I came out of THE DARK KNIGHT, I liked it but I was dissapointed, because my hype for it was too high. I still liked it, but not as much as I thought, but when I stopped and thought, I LOVED LOVED LOVED The Dark Knight, one of the best of 2008. So Watchmen looks awesome, we shall see, and only 17 days left to go….the agony…

Friday The 13th Review

 The plot to this is pretty simple, and if you have ever seen a slasher film, that’s the plot. Pretty darn simple.

So, the new installment of Jason, what did I think? It was awesome. I’m glad it was too. It’s fun, gory and pretty much everything you could want from Jason. He kills, kills some more, then kills again. I could see sequels to this, I really could. But, is it better than My Bloody Valentine 3D? Well, they are about equal, however, yes this is better. They had interesting traps in this installment, a good ending too that (possible spoiler) screams sequel. Now, I did have one little problem. They always make the victims dumb! Please, just one smart victim. Well, there was one. Anyway, it was great, and 50 million opening weekend is great for this. Easily this will get well over 100 million, and it might be on top next week. Pretty interesting film here, I enjoyed it, right off the bat. This thing starts off running from the beginning and never really slows down all that much.

All in all, Friday The 13th is so far the best horror movie of the year, My Bloody Valentine 3D following closely behind. Friday The 13th gets a 8.5 out of 1o

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