Which Is Harder To Make: Horror Or Comedy?

Throughout all of filmmaking, there are likely only two genres that are so hard to make, and not just to make, but to make good. Obviously the two are horror and comedy. It’s hard to scare people because different things are scary to different people. Same goes for comedy. So which one of these hard genres is the hardest? Well, let’s see. In comedy, you MUST make your fans laugh, or else, or film, in their eyes, sucks. That is hard, making a variety of different people laugh at the same thing, extremely hard. In horror, having different people jump and squirm at  the same thing, so hard. You can’t use stuff popping out of nowhere in horror movies anymore, you can’t be like Saw V.  I’d say say why the original Saw made people scared was because it would put someone in a terrible position, some resort to cutting body parts off. As many people have said, Saw made you think “What would I do in that situation?”. I think that’s why Saw worked.  As we have recently found out, much to my distaste of Saw IV and V, too much of the same thing can get boring. In horror, you always have to have something fresh and new.

You have to give a reason for the audience to want to get scared. When I see horror I want to get scared, and if your film makes me cover my face or put a hood over it because of frightning scenes, it’s a winner in my eyes. In comedy, I want to laugh so much I can’t breathe, if that happens, the film is a comedic masterpiece. The reason why Seth Rogen is (my opinion of course) the king of comedy right now is because every film (Superbad, Pineapple Express) makes people laugh. He’s so successful because every time, he brings something new. Same with Judd Apatow, every comedy he writes is nothing short of brilliant. James Wan makes people scared (Saw’s 1,2,3,4,5, and upcoming Saw 6) time and time again, that’s something you notice. Characters also help, horror’s master creeps: Jigsaw, the clown from IT, Freddy, Jason, Micheal Myers, The Grudge, etc. Comedy’s funny’s: Harold & Kumar, Cheech and Chong, etc. This is what makes success. They are both hard, and if you make successful pieces  out of either won, kudos to you! But the hardest one out of horror or comedy, in my opinion, is-Comedy.


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