Funniest Comedies Of 2008

These are Action Bomb’s funniest comedies of 2008. Also, just wanted to note that Tropic Thunder isn’t on here because, well…..I hated it. Nonetheless, here are the top 10 best comedies of 2008.

10. Zack And Miri

Pretty, funny with Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. Though not doing well at the box office for obvious reasons, it comes in here at number 10.

9. Yes Man

The new Jim Carrey film ‘Yes Man’ is pretty funny. Though not as funny as I thought, there are still some decent laughs and situations in the film that you have to laugh at.

8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This film has laughs in it, and, let’s face it, Jason Segal is a funny guy. One of the funniest in comedy films right now. Besides Seth Rogen

7. Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

This is a really funny movie, and what makes it even better is that there is Harold, Kumar, and Neil Patrick Harris in a comedy movie. what more do you want?!

6. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

I know I know, I’m extreme minority here. Most people hated this, but I thought it was extremely funny. Funny moments add up to a funny movie.

5. Burn After Reading

Extremely funny, extremely witty, quick on it’s feet, Burn After Reading fits number 5 perfectly. Clooney, Pitt, how much more can you expect?

4. Baby Mamma

Hilarious premise, hilarious lines, hilarious everything. Amy Poeler, although i find her show “The Mighty Bee” the most annoying show ever, she and Tina Fay are great in this.

3. Step Brothers

The movie is overrated, and not as funny as everyone makes it out to be, AT ALL. However, it makes up for that because there are moments in the film that are very funny.

2. Role Models

You can’t get much funnier than this. This movie had me laughing from start to finish. Just such a funny movie, you don’t get much funnier than this. Just to funny for a number 3 spot.

1. Pineapple Express

Easily the funniest movie of the year. Surpassing Role Models and every other movie that was a comedy this year.. Seth Rogen and James Franco really did a fantastic job at making the years funniest movie


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