The Unborn Review

Here is action Bomb’s early review of David Goyer’s new horror flick “The Unborn”.

“The Unborn” is about a spirit who travels the souls of Casey Bell’s friends and family, without going into spoiler-like detail, if Casey stops it from getting to her, the family curse will end.

The movie is quite terrifying and will make you jump in some parts. The graphics are wonderful, and all in all it’s one scary flick. It is graphic but not as graphic as you might think. The scary parts in the movie are great. Some of them very intense, and will make you go to the edge of your seat, just to find something to grab hold of. Those moments won me over in the movie. Like i said, it is terrifying, and the story is brilliant. Not as terrifying as other horror flicks, it does have an exorcism in it that for me had a somewhat predictable ending to the exorcism. The spirit has two names throughout the film, i cannot explain why as it would give a massive spoiler. They are ‘Jumby’ and ‘Barto”, but he is mostly called ‘Barto’. there is also a creepy little kid named ‘Matty’, who has been taken over by ‘Barto’, in some parts of the film. As Barto possesses person after person, he gets closer to possessing Casey. Will she or won’t she stop him? Those are the thrills given.

Now, the film does have some bad to it. One, as I mentioned above, it’s not as terrifying as other flicks of it’s genre. A PG-13 rating is not common for horror flicks. Although a horror flick that came out last year called “The Haunting Of Molly Hartley” did have a PG-13 (I thought that film was awful). Some moments are very predictable, some aren’t. Some moments meant to be scary are not because of the predictability. With stuff that happened in it, it could  stand an R, but then again, it sits perfectly fine at PG-13, although that rating might turn die hard horror fans off.

Overall, it was really good and did manage the “fright” factor. The very end of the film was brilliant and I never saw it coming! Almost never a dull moment. I give ‘The Unborn’ a solid 6 out of 10.


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