What Kind Of Box Office Can We Expect For Terminator:Salvation?

The new Terminator film, Terminator:Salvation, opens on May 22nd of this year, I would expect it to have a HUGE amount of moo-la. Christian Bale, the caped crusader, plays John Connor, in this new installment. I look for this thing to blow any other compitition to shreds as this really does look like an all out action packed thriller. The only competition it will recieve some time after it’s release is Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen. Now that image of Bale with the gun is awesome isn’t it. I expect this to cross the 300 Million mark easily in it’s release, as it is one of the films I really am looking forward to seeing this year. Hopefully it is as action packed as it looks. And if it’s Terminator, it probably is. “I’ll Be Back” at the box office, says Terminator.



  1. I have seen the trailer for Terminator Salvation. It look like it’s going to be another fantastic movie for 2009 after Transformers.

  2. I agree, it really does look amazing. Let’s see how Bale does with the Connor role

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