Is Valkyrie Failing Or Seceeding?

Either way you look at it, you must admit that Valkyrie getting beat by Pitt, Sandler, AND Wilson at the box office on it’s  opening weekend was something that was shocking. these are the two ways you can look at it:


Since Tom Cruise’s latest movie opened at #4, and only got 21 Million in it’s opening weekend  you can look at that as a failure because of all the advertisements it had, and it came in number 4. That is a good argument. If they had opened it a week before, it would completely miss competition like  Bedtime Stories(which i don’t get what the big deal is about it). It would also miss opening with the wonderful Benjamin Button (review coming soon).


Well as it has only been in theaters for six days, at 5 days it had 40 Million, and that is pretty good considering what it is. A world war 2 movie with Tom Cruise that looks great, it is doing well and probably will hit 55 Million or so this weekend. So an 70-80 lifetime gross is a good estimate.

Overall, I would say Valkyrie is seceeding, but not at the rate we thought. The biggest mistake made was opening on a weekend filled and totally jam-packed. But, in Valkyrie’s defense, atleast the spirit was a bust………



  1. Bedtime Stories looks good,but I never imagined that it would beat Valkyrie in the box office.

    Great post! 🙂

  2. Me either, but Valkyrie opened on the wrong weekend

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