Why I’m angry about the Watchmen trial, but think that Fox is right

We get this news from Splash Page:

”  If last week’s preliminary judgment against Warner Bros in the “Watchmen” court battle wasn’t enough to send comic book fans into a panic, today’s news certainly might do the trick. According to The Associated Press, 20th Century Fox will seek a court order delaying the March 6 release of the much-anticipated adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons‘ graphic novel. ”

Ok, most of us fans of film, if not all, have heard of Zack Snyder’s upcoming film “Watchmen”. I have known about it for about 2 years, and now, it’s most likely going to be put on hold.  Fox first had legal rights, Warner Bros took the film for themselves, now Fox is saying “hey that was ours first!” that’s basically what’s going on.  Fox has the right to take it, veen though i cannot picture this being a film under Fox. But as much as it pains me to say this-it looks like my plans of going to the theater on March 6th of 2009 are done. I hope not-but this may go on for a long time, Warner Bros- just execpt the charges against you so you don’t keep us waiting!


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