The Spirit bombs as it opens at 6 Million on opening weekend

Frank Miller and Lionsgate’s new movie “The Spirit” bombed as on it’s oepning weekend it opened with only 6 Million dollars. Word of moukilled it off extremely quickly as the horrid reviews for it quickly made a loud statement. I’ve said before-now i say it yet again: I liked the trailer, thought it looked good, but i had no interest in seeing it. Since tons of people say it sucks, i’ll decide not to waste $6.50 at a matinee for it, i’ll just read a full blown spoiler or somehting. Can anyone believe that Samuel Jackson, THE  Sameul Jackson is in this thing???? That’s a little strange considering the life time gross he has had.  The Spirit, seems like a joke, more like some kid wrote it considering the dilogue in the 6 clips online. the dialogue included “lugnuts”?? I am dead serious. Frank miller- stick with Sin City.

Now as for people like Scarlett Johanson and Eva Mendas in this-why am I not suprised. I’m REALLY glad some of the big superhero studios like Marvel, Dark Horse (somewhat big) and Warner Bros, i’m glad they didn’t pick this up. The fact that this came in NUMBER 7 in it’s opening weekend does not speek volume. I have never really been a fan of  Eva Mendes at all, soit doesn’t suprise me that she is in this. Frank Miller-in order to avoid box ofice failure again….STICK WITH SIN CITY!!!!


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