The Spirit Gets Blasted With Bad Reviews

“The Spirit”, the new Frank Miller film, is getting blasted with terrible reviews. Currently at %15 on the tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, the Spirit just is continuenly getting beat up all over the place, the small minority of critics like it, even the small minority of fans like it. The film will probably not do well because of it’s awful word of mouth. Stuff like this, can kill a film Mr. Miller. To save yourself-just go see Benjamin Button instead, 10 to 1 you’ll have a better time seeing that. I remember when i first saw the trailer to this film, i actually liked it. However, i had no intrest in wasting 2 hours on it. This is going to be bad, there have been SO many bad reviews, on RT there’s i think 44 bad reviews to 8! OUCH! Negative reviews just keep coming, so i think it’s save to say that, The Spirit is going to bomb!


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