Gran Torino has some good reviews

at 72% on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes, such good reviews include:

“With Gran Torino, Eastwood puts out a brilliant work that balances all of these issues beautifully without coming to terms with any of them or giving easy answers.”

“Gran Torino is about two things, I believe. It’s about the belated flowering of a man’s better nature. And it’s about Americans of different races growing more open to one another in the new century.”


  1. This movie was a horrible dogpile of stereotypes and hidden racism that only flatters viewers and reinforces an insanely superficial cultural myth of American idealism. In the past, I’ve liked Clint’s movies, but this one was vile from so many different angles, I seriously urge others not to see it. Not “boycott”–just do not see this movie. Even from a moderate standpoint it is a pointless piece of junk with a meaningless, self-destructive conclusion. Even worse than the movie itself is everyone pretentiously trying to find meaning in it. Save your money.

  2. I don’t necessarily think that the movie was aiming for racism. I could see were you are coming from but race has nothing to do with it. It is a Clint Eastwood movie about a gang, a GANG. Totally see where you are coming from here, but the movie’s point isn’t to be racist.

  3. If the movie was about gangs, or anything in their likely proximity, then it was nothing but a bundle of cliches. And we all know “racism” is such a loaded term these days that its not even worth going into, but this movie absolutely, unapologetically turned racism into an object of kitsch. In the end, I felt like the whole movie could have been narrowed down to a picaresque side-show narrative in Pulp Fiction. And I’m far from an easily offended person. I believe that if someone wants to be racist, or any other negative cultural “ist”, they are perfectly withing their rights to be so; it is the task of dialogue, not racial taboos, to correct those views. But that is precisely the point. The problem is not the racist person, the Walt, it is the folks who rationalize it as humorous, let alone meaningful in any way whatsoever.

  4. True, I don’t see how people found it humorous at all. I was actually shocked that some people found it humorous. Hey, I loved Gran Torino, but i don’t see how people have found it to be funny in any way

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