Could Valkyrie Be Number One Next Week?

The new Tom Cruise film “Valkyrie” that opens on Christmas weekend, might open at number 2. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, I think will come in at number one. Bedtime Stories, with Adam Sandler will battle with Valkyrie. Tom Cruise can bring in some money, so I expect this to do pretty will next weekend. Thrilling as this looks, even with Tom Cruise, I think the battle with Brad Pitt’s film will beat it



  1. Number One???? The Tom Cruise feel-good Christmas nazi film???? No Way!

  2. I really thought it would come in atleast #2, i mean marley and me?? who thought that would be number 1?!

  3. I think it opened at #4, actually, let’s see how much staying party it has. . .

  4. I think it did too, we will see but i think it’s losing ground quickly, they should’ve released it in August or something where it had no competition except Tropic Thunder

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